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Over 30 years ago I saw my first console - it was an American-imported Atari. It blew my mind. Soon after I discovered my first PC - the Sinclair ZX-80. Ever since then, I've been fascinated with computers; what they are, how they do it and what they can do for us.

I've also discovered that while PCs can be enormously rewarding, they can also be extremely frustrating. So here are few gems that can help overcome these obstacles:

Good technology websites

Good & free software

Among the applications listed at this site, I specifically recommend:

Windows XP

nForce2 motherboards


Now that I'm hitched, I don't have much time for gaming, which is a shame because I love gaming. In particular I enjoy multiplayer games where you have to work with other players to succeed, rather than compete against and/or kill each other to win. This style of gaming is called "co-op gaming".

For a long time co-op gaming remained a niche market. However with the recent explosion of broadband connectivity, an increasingly number of gamers are discovering the joys of gaming together rather than against each other. Sadly relatively few titles support this type of gaming:


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